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This is a question that all addicts and alcoholics ask. When I was considering getting sober I thought if I chose a life of sobriety I was choosing to live life without fun.  It is near impossible for an addict or alcoholic to grasp a way of living that doesn’t involve the use of drugs or alcohol. This is the focal point of their existence. All good time, bad times and everything in-between starts and ends with using or drinking. We drink and use to have fun and we use or drink to deal with pain. The use and drinking is the core of our existence. How then do we life without it, using or drinking? We do it through a process of self-growth. We do it with help. Do you need this type of help? Do you know someone who does? Where should you turn? There is an amazing drug rehab in Florida and alcohol treatment center; Beachway Therapy Center located in West Palm Beach, Florida will show you a new way of live.