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What makes one drug treatment center better than another? Two things are most important when selecting the right drug or alcohol treatment facility. First the environment, clients need a calm and relaxing environment. If the facility resembles a large condo building or a 200 bed hospital chances are you won’t get the attention and relaxation you need. If it looks chaotic in the pictures imagine what it is like when if filled with 150 clients and staff member. Secondly is the client to therapist ratio, you what this number to be as low as possible. Not only will you get more time with your therapist, but also your therapist will have more time to spend on you and your issues. Example Beachway Therapy Center, client to therapist ratio is 5 to 1. With the most conducive environment for recovery coupled with this exceptional client to therapist ratio Beachway Therapy Center has become the leader in Florida substance abuse treatment.