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A drug rehab in Florida like Beachway Therapy Center will work for you! There are a few things you can do to increase your chances of success. First do research. Ask a lot of questions about the facility you are going to attend. Ask how many clients are at the facility? Programs that have less than 30 clients are more successful than large facility, 50 – 150 clients. If the pictures on the website look like a college dorm or a condo building stay away from this type of facility! Beachway Therapy Center only accepts around 20 clients. Ask about therapist caseloads and qualifications. You want a facility that only allows only licensed therapist, LCSW or LMHC, as primary therapist. Beachway Therapy Center in West Palm Beach is such a facility. You also want small therapist caseloads, 7 or fewer clients per therapist. Ask if they have male and female clients housed at separate facilities. A drug rehab or alcohol treatment center is not a place to fraternize. It is a place to focus on yourself and heal. If a small private drug treatment center with unsurpassed individualized care is what your seeking contact Beachway Therapy Center located in West Palm Beach Florida.