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What is a Partial Hospitalization Program, PHP, for drug addiction, drug rehab, substance abuse treatment or alcoholism treatment? Beachway Therapy Center is a PHP substance abuse treatment program, drug rehab.  The most prominent difference between an inpatient program and a PHP program is the housing arrangements.  Inpatient programs require clients to reside in a hospital like atmosphere, small hospital style rooms. Inpatient substance abuse programs generally provide all services under one roof. Beachway Therapy Center’s PHP addiction treatment program provides an environment that is more conducive to recovery. Clients have therapeutic services in one location and reside in a different location, a comfortable upscale residential community. Professional trained behavioral health tech staff members supervise clients in both settings, 24/7. The advantages of a PHP program include; clients develop positive habits and routines that transfer to real life recovery. Clients are observed in a real life setting. The therapeutic team then uses observations to ensure each client gains the coping skills they are lacking.  Clients are much more comfortable, living in a housing setting that is true to life, not a hospital room. Beachway Therapy Center is located in the recovery capital of the world, Delray Beach, Fl. PHP programs are licensed as Day/Night programs by DCF in Florida.