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Why should I choose Beachway Therapy Center located in West Palm Beach, Florida? Beachway Therapy Center is a small private drug treatment center and alcohol rehab. Beachway Therapy Center’s focus in on the individual and his or her own struggles in life. Our therapists write each treatment plan individually once the client arrives. The significance of this process is to make a plan for each person based on his or her individual struggles and requirements. Our smaller size, around 20 clients, allows the therapeutic team to focus on each client’s individual struggles. Larger facilities, 100 to 150 clients on average, group everyone tougher. Their philosophe is every addict and alcoholic is the same. They have the “disease”. So they all need to hear the same thing and do the same work. This is unacceptable to the staff at Beachway Therapy Center. We know our way works better and the results prove it. We see the growth and change in our clients as it happens. We know each and everyone of them on a personnel level. We spend a great deal of time developing a trusting and therapeutic relationship with each client. This allows us to gain the trust of our clients. Then and only then can we lead them out of their darkest days and into a productive life of recovery. The environment at Beachway Therapy Center is the perfect conduit for change. The surroundings are comfortable. Our schedule is strutted and living arrangements mimic a normal environment, not a hospital. If you are seeking the best available method for dual diagnosis addiction treatment, Beachway Therapy Center is here for you.