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Choosing an Addition Treatment Facility in Florida can be a challenging task. There are many modalities of care and varying opinions on methods of treatment. Some of most common levels of care licensed by the state of Florida, DCF, are: Detoxification, Inpatient, Residential, and Day Night Treatment with Community Housing. Detoxification is the processing of ending the body’s dependence on a substance. The most common substances that require a medical detoxification process are alcohol, opiates, and benzodiazepines. Normally the detoxification process is conducted in five to fourteen days. Inpatient substance abuse treatment is specifically for clients who are very low functioning. Most insurance policy’s will only cover five to seven days at an inpatient level do to its enormous expense, $1400 -1,800 per day on average. Day Night Substance Abuse Treatment with Community Housing is the perfect setting for 90% of the addicts and alcoholics who have a desirer to change. A Day Night Treatment facility also know as partial hospitalization provides the same number of treatment hours as an inpatient facility, a minimum 25 hrs. per week in the state of Florida.  Day night program also provide 24-hour supervision and a structured day. Some programs like Beachway Therapy Center go above and beyond the minimum requirements of the state. Beachway Therapy Center proves closer to 50 hours each week of therapeutic services related to addition, alcoholism, and underlying mental health issues. Day night programs like Beachway Therapy Center’s program provide a service that inpatient facilities cannot, life skills. At Beachway Therapy Center clients cook for them self’s, grocery shop, clean, learn financial skills, resume building, and conduct job workshops. If a client is deficient in one of these areas we help them until they are proficient. Beachway Therapy Center is the perfect drug addiction treatment center for the client who is ready to change.