Florida’s Best Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment Options

Two of Florida’s most successful addition treatment options are Beachway Therapy Center and The Grapevine House Treatment Center. Both addiction treatment faculties are located in Delray Beach, Fl. They use individualized addition treatment plans to address a clients issues. Both take an approach that not only addresses drug or alcohol addiction but any mental health challenges as well, other wise known as dual diagnosis. This method is ensures a complete and comprehensive treatment plan. Not all faculties have the ability to treat dual diagnosed clients. The treatment of dual diagnosis clients requires expertise in not only addiction, but in mental health as well.  Both Beachway Therapy Center and The Grapevine House Treatment Center are small private faculties accepting only 24 clients at a time. This ensures a healing therapeutic environment and the individual attention needed to treat these particular demographics. Pease call today for more information 877.284.0353 or visit www.rehabilitation-center.org.

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Addiction Treatment For People with Co-Occuring Disorders in Florida

Step One: “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol, that oue lives had become unmanageable.”

  • Describe situations where you were negatively effected as a result of your drug use or drinking.
  • List five rules that you attempted to follow to try to control your drinking.
  • Give an example describing how you broke the rules.
  • Do these apply to you:
  1. I drink or use drugs more than I plan
  2. I lie about my use or drinking
  3. I hide how much or how often I use or drink
  4. I have memory loss when I drink or use drugs sometime
  5. I have tried to hurt myself or someone else when drinking or using drugs
  6. I can use more or drink more than I use to be able to with out getting the same effects
  7. My personality changes when I use or drink
  8. I have problems with my family, work or school due to my drug use or drinking
  9. I have legal problems or financial problems related to my drug use or drinking
If you or somone you know answers yes to some or all of these questions there is a solution. Call 877.284.0353 or visit Beachway Therapy Center
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Risk Factors For Addiction to Pain Medication “Opioid Medication”

People who use drugs with addictive potential may develop a tolerance to some of their effects and develop some degree of physical dependency. Of the people who develop this dependency only  a percentage will develop the disease of addiction. The risk factors for addiction include genetics, psychological factors, and environmental factors.

Genetics plays a major role in the risk for addiction. NIDA (2007) estimates that between 40 and 60 percent of a person’s vulnerability to addiction may be genetic. The disease of addiction may heritable than type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and breast cancer (Nestler, 2005). Genes also underline human variability in drug metabolism. Psychiatric disorders associated with addiction are also linked to genes.

Mental illness is another major risk factor for addiction. One condition can commonly follow another. Chronic drug abuse can commonly lead to mental illness. Some environmental issues associated with substance abuse are poverty, poor parental support, living in a community with high drug availability, and using drugs at an early age.

Their is a solution. People who suffer from the disease of addiction can and do recover. Those people afflicted with addiction can change with the proper assistance. Beachway Therapy Center and The Grapevine House Treatment Center specialize in treating patients afflicted with both Opioid Dependency and Opioid addiction. Call today to speak with an outreach professional, 877.284.0353.

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Do I Need A Drug or Alcohol Rehab

Ask yourself or a loved one these questions.

1. Have you ever used drugs or alcohol?

2. Have you ever felt that you drink too much?

3. Have you ever tried to stop on your own?

4. Have you ever gone or thought about going to an AA or NA 12 step meeting?

5. Have you ever had?

  • a black out?
  • injury due to drinking or drug use?
  • convulsions or Dt’s ( delirium tremens)?
  • Hepatitis or other liver issues?
  • being sick, shaky, or dressed when you stop using drugs or drinking/
  • feeling like bugs are crawling under your skin after you stop using drugs or alcohol?
  • Have drug or alcohol ever caused a problem between you and your family?
  • Has drinking alcohol or using drugs ever caused a problem at work or school?
  • Have you ever lost your temper or gotten in fights while drinking or using drugs?
  • Do you need to drink more or use more drugs now to get the same effects?
  • When you drink or use drugs do you do things you would not do sober?
  • Do you feels bad or guilt about your drug use or drinking?
  • Have any of your family members ever had a problem with drugs or alcohol?
  • Do you think you have a problem?

If you need more information or help with seeking treatment please call Beachway Therapy Center, 877.284. 0353. Beachway Therapy Center is America’s Best Drug and Alcohol rehab!

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House Voting To Ban Spice and Bath Salts

The House has voted to ban certain synthetic drugs now sold legally in some states that mimic the hallucinogenic and stimulant properties of marijuana (spice), cocaine and meth-amphetamines (Bath Salts).Supporters of the measure said synthetic drugs marketed under names such as “bath salts” and “plant food” can be just as harmful as the narcotics they are meant to imitate. The bill, which now goes to the Senate, also gives the Drug Enforcement Administration more authority to temporarily ban a drug while its potential dangers to public safety are investigated. Those against the bill said the bill went too far in restricting access to chemical compounds that could be of use in researching cures to diseases. If you know some one who needs help with an addiction to spice or bath salts contact Beachway Therapy Center at 877.284.0353.

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Bath Salt Addiction Treatment Center

Beachway Therapy Center is now able to treat clients who suffer from a bath salt addiction. Bath salts are a designer drug. Their active ingredient is methylenedioxy.  Methlenedioxy has an effect that is very similar to amphetamines. Bath salts are currently legal in 50 states. Very few drug rehabs are able to deal with this issue. Beachway Therapy Center is able to test for bath salt use and treat bath salt addiction. Beachway Therapy Center is well known as America’s leader in addiction treatment. Some of the side effects of bath salts are agitation, paranoia, psychosis, hallucinations, chest pains, suicidality, and high blood pressure.  Poison control centers around the country received more than 3,500 calls about bath salts from January 2011 – June 2011, according to the AAPCC, up from around 300 in 2010. Emergency rooms around the country have had to adopt new policies to deal with the violent tendencies of patients admit form bath salt abuse. Many ER’s have found that even the strongest sedatives have little effect on the patients admitted from bath salt use. Nemours unexplained suicides have now been licked to bath salt abuse. If you know someone who needs help with a bath salt addiction call today, 877.284.0353.


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Best Drug Rehab in South Florida, Beachway Therapy Center





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Opiates, American Needs Rehabilitation

The CDC released a report today, 11-1-11 stating that the number of overdose deaths from opiates such as OxyContin, Vicodin and methadone have TRIPLED over the decade. In 1999 painkillers contributed to about 4,000 deaths. In 2008 that number was reported to be 15,000. Almost 5% of all Americans over the age of 12 admit to abusing opiates. If you know some one in need of prescription drug rehab contact Beachway Therapy Center, 877.284.0353, for help. Beachway Therapy Center specializes in opiate addiction detox and treatment.

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Sending Your Family Member Away to Rehab

Should I send my family member away to rehab? YES, this is always the best option.  The drug and alcohol rehabilitation process is extremely difficult on both the client and the family. By sending your husband, wife, son or daughter away to rehab you increase their change of success. Why? Because putting the client in a new unfamiliar environment causes them to become reliant on the trained staff at the rehabilitation facility. This promotes and expedites the establishment of a trusting therapeutic relationship. So how far should you send your family member? We suggest a minimum of a 100 miles form home and to an area they are unfamiliar with. For more information pleas contact America’s best Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center, Beachway Therapy Center, 877.284.0353.

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Alcohol Treatment Centers in Florida

There are numerous choices when it comes to selecting the best Alcohol Treatment Center in Florida. Some of the issues to consider are size, level of care needed, modality of treatment and qualifications of staff. The numerous choices can make your selection difficult. I’d suggest making a list of questions to ask before you start call alcoholism treatment programs.

Consider asking how many clients the facility can attend to, maximum capacity. When it comes to alcoholism detox and alcohol treatment bigger is not better. I would suggest a program with less than 30 clients. Each client brings to treatment their own set of issues. In large facilities, some over 200 clients, this creates a chaotic atmosphere. Chaos is not conducive to quality alcoholism treatment or recovery in general. 

Ask if the facility is licensed and by whom. Ask what levels of care they are licensed to provide. You want to select the least restrictive environment possible, considering the clients functionality. If someone is highly functional you do not want them attending treatment in a psych ward. The perfect setting for a functional person is a Partial Hospitalization Program or PHP. A quality PHP facility will house the client and monitor the client 24 hrs a day. The atmosphere in this type of facility is most conducive to long term recovery from alcoholism.

Finally consider both the modalities of care offered and the qualification of the staff. It is vital that the primary therapist have both the necessary education and licensing in both substance abuse and mental health. Some alcoholics may be undiagnosed or misdiagnosed with a mental illness. It is important that a treatment plan and therapist skill set can address both alcoholism and mental health treatment. Lastly chose a facility that offers multiple modalities of care. Prior to a client arrival it is impossible to know what type of therapies they will respond best to. To speak with a qualified alcoholism outreach professional call 877.284.0353.

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